2015 Reflections of Nature Art Competition - !st place “Reginald” (Lynx) water color

2016 Reflections of Nature Art Competition - 1st place “Fred” ( Bear) water color

2016 Saskatoon Art Showcase - 3rd for “At the Library” water color and ink

2017 Reflections of Nature Art Competition - 1st Place and Best in Show for “Blue” (lizard eye) water color

2017 Saskatoon Art Showcase - 1st for “Reginald” (Lynx) water colour

2018 Nov. Light Space Time- 6th Place for “Blue” (lizard eye) watercolor

2019 Jan. Light Space Time - Special Merit in All Woman Exhibit for “Home Sweet Home” watercolor and ink

2019 Feb. Society of Canadian Artists - 2019 Open International Exhibit for “Anuka” (Praying mantis) water colour

2019 April Collective Art Brewing choice my painting “Blue” to be on their beer can Hazy State in Series 12

2019 July. Gallery Ring- Sapphire award for “Boiris” (Rhino and tree) water colour

2019 J. Main Online Gallery - Honorable Mention for “Moving Day”

2019 Aug Society of Canadian Artists 51st international Show. Juried in. “John” (grasshopper) watercolor

2019 Aug/Sept Federation of Canadian Artists Annual International Representational Exhibition. Juried in. “Moving Day”