Shelley Hudson

Shelley Hudson

Shelley Hudson is a prairie girl, with Saskatoon being her home all her adult life.

Shelley’s artistic journey began as a child when her mother encouraged her talent and creativity by providing her with her first medium - India ink and a pen. She now works primarily in water color.

It is only within this last few years that Shelley has had the courage to display her art work publicly.

Shelley has two primary inspirations for her art.  First, is her love of animals.  She views animals as “people with fur, feathers, or scales” and her artistic endeavor is to bring out the inner personality of each of her subjects, striving to make each representation as unique as the individual animal.  Second, Shelley draws on her vivid dream life to create surreal images that haunt her until she expresses them in physical form. 

Her main goal with her art is to make people smile. She wants people to be reminded that not everything in life should be taken seriously.